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Our Mobile Application Developer training course offers the same high quality instruction and courseware found in traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, at a fraction of the cost. Learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home as you prepare for a rewarding career as a mobile application developer.

Have you ever dreamed of developing the next big app for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems? If so, our mobile application developer training course is for you. In addition to learning how to create mobile apps for iOS and Android, you'll also receive a certification that will open new doors of opportunity in one of the fastest growing fields in IT.

Whether you're looking to begin a new career as an app developer, or just looking to broaden your knowledge for your own enjoyment, our mobile application course is the place to begin. No previous programming or design experience is required. Over the course of your training, you'll learn the skills you need with our hands-on, real-world project based learning approach.

Upon completion of the mobile app developer training course, you'll have fully functional apps that demonstrate your understanding of mobile application development for both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, you'll have an impressive portfolio, and a certification that tells the world that you have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a mobile app developer for the two most widely used mobile operating systems on the market today.

You'll also learn how to identify customer needs, how to create a successful project plan, and develop your interpersonal communication skills to help you understand and articulate complex concepts and ideas. Finally, you'll learn how to create revenue streams from apps you develop.

Our mobile application training includes video interviews of entrepreneurs, hardware technicians, and mobile application creators, and explores the career opportunities available to professional developers.

Upon successfully completing this program, students have the necessary knowledge and experience to create mobile apps for both the Android and iOS operating systems. You'll be able to:
• Complete the certification exam for the Apprentice Mobile Application Designer and Developer Certification provided by
• Understand the basics of programming and programming of mobile apps
• Understand the Design Process and Mobile Application Life Cycles
• Understand the basics of User Interface and User Experience design
• Understand how to monetize an app to generate revenue
• Recognize what it takes to be a professional in the industry
• Understand the fundamentals of how mobile hardware works
• Created a variety of apps
• Demonstrate how to deploy apps to different devices including iOS, Droid, Windows, Blackberry and Mac
• Analyze, test and write critical reviews of mobile applications
• Present your functional app to a customer or investor

If you've ever considered a career as a mobile application developer, the Mobile Application Design and Development Certification Course is the ideal place to start. Tuition assistance is available, and our open enrollment policy makes it possible for you to get started learning today. Please chat with an advisor to learn more.


Upon completion of your training, you will be enrolled in the final certification exam which will prepare you to sit for the Apprentice Mobile Application Design and Development Certification Exam. To receive this certification you must complete the practical (project and tutorial) work and pass the certification final exam. You earn a WOW Apprentice Certification offered through

I. History of Mobile Apps and Mobile Hardware
II. Careers in Mobile Application Development
III. Legal Basics of IP, Ethics and Mobile Business
IV. Introduction to Mobile Operating Systems and Hardware
V. Mobile App Life Cycle
VI. Project Management
VII. Designing for a Customer and Market
VIII. User Interface and User Experience Design Basics
IX. Testing and Quality Control
X. Monetization and Revenue Generation with Apps
XI. Selling and Distributing Your App
XII. Programming Tutorial Segments
a. What is programming?
b. Why computers are not human beings
c. Learning to think like a computer
XIII. Installing the Development Environment
XIV. Understanding your Development Environment and using it effectively
XV. Core Language Commands
XVI. Reporting data to the user
XVII. Variables, Math and Loops
XVIII. Inputs from Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablets
XIX. IF’s and Boolean Logic
XX. Outputs to Mobiles and Tablets
XXI. Arrays
XXII. Functions and Subroutines
XXIII. Compiling and Testing
XXIV. Coding for advertising - Free applications make money too
XXV. Giving the customer what they pay for
XXVI. Prepping Your App for Mobile Stores
XXVII. Dealing with customer feedback
XXVIII. Applying bug fixes and new features

120.00 hours
Course Access Time

Students are given 4 months to complete the program. Extensions are available if needed, fees may apply.


Daniel Foreman has been programming since he was seven, and has enjoyed working for large and small software companies throughout his career. Another constant in his career is his enjoyment of helping others to learn. Since 2005 Daniel has been focused on supporting and training new and application developers. His first tutorial DVDs focused on desktop applications and games. As smartphones grew in popularity he then changed focus to work with a new rapid mobile development kit (AGK) and in 2012 released a book on Programming for Android and Windows. Over his career he has produced hundreds of tutorial videos and has spent countless hours supporting and training people new to programming. His passion and enjoyment is evident in the time he invests in helping others to learn app programming.

Steve Waddell has been creating career oriented computer courseware since the mid 90’s. He is passionate for creating tools to inspire others to learn and is an award winning entrepreneur and developer of interactive online learning. Steve is the founder of the Future Application and Game Designer Challenge and has run the competition for 8 years.


No prior design, programming or graphics programming experience are necessary. It is helpful to have a basic familiarity with computers. A high school level of mathematics, reading and writing is assumed.

Requirements/Materials Included

You can complete all of the project work using the 30 Day free trail version of the development kit. If you take longer than 30 days, then you will need to upgrade to the full development kit.

System requirements 1 GB Ram, 1 GB HD Space, OpenGL compatible Video Card, Windows XP SP3/ Vista SP2 / Win7 / Win 8

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